We know what you’re wondering

Why the jackalope? You see, there’s a lot of debate as to whether or not this elusive creature actually exists. The jackalope reminds us that pulling off unconventional, experimental, pioneering, OMG is this going to work work can feel a little unbelievable.

And that’s the work we do.

The jackalope is a symbol of hope that when our partners tell the tales of what we did together, people won’t believe that either.

Start Believing

work better, work different

Our battle-proven quiver of creative technology production professionals are obsessed with making sure we build the right thing and build it right, on time and on budget. To do this, we realized we needed to develop a way of working that’s a little different than what you might expect from a typical digital agency.

lean & distributed

Our remote-first, contract-first team of top-tier talent is distributed across North America and Europe. We dispense with typical agency pageantry and can scale our process and coverage to meet the needs of any project with the leanest, meanest, most skillful team to get the job done right and hit all targets.


We’re experienced strategists who are tacticians at heart. We think by making, and we make faster than you’ve ever seen. Keeping our hands dirty helps us test assumptions, drive alignment, and stay current with modern tools, practices and market expectations for experience, performance, security, and scale.


Great work doesn’t happen in a vacuum. We work collaboratively with our partners using shared documentation and integrated processes to bring ideas to life. We believe in harnessing the capabilities of everyone involved to achieve world-class production that we can all be proud of.

experience freaks

Our mission is to help our partners build engaging, effective experiences that deliver real cultural value, in a way that only their brand can. This means targeting the right needs and outcomes with an experience that benefits everyone from the customer, to the business operators, to the business itself.

competent in ninja pirate nerdery

Our directors, leads and core tacticians hail from industry-leading agencies and product shops like Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Adidas, Black & Red, HBO, and more. Collectively, we’ve executed the design, development and deployment of hundreds of digital and mixed-media creative tech experiences for some of the worlds biggest brands and audiences, including Domino’s, Carvana, Paypal, Twitter, Ulta Beauty, Jose Cuervo, HBO and beyond.

We’ve been around the block. We’ve learned a few things. We wanted to keep working together. So we decided to team up to push the boundaries of what an effective agency should be.

Here are a few of the things we offer now that our ninja-pirate-nerd skills have combined.

build the right thing

UX Experience Design

Whether it’s a platform, product, service, or activation, we distill research, target key opportunities, and furiously prototype to get to the heart of what’s right: a polished, engaging, effective, and accessible experience.

Engagement Strategy

We work to understand the human problems that an experience can solve, so we can define systems that keep people engaged, and deepen their relationship with your brand.

eCommerce Design

We’ve earned our eComm stripes on platforms that gross up to $3B annually. If you need to onboard and convert customers of varying intents, we’ve got you covered with solid information architecture and best practices.

Digital Marketing & Activations

We cut our teeth on some of the wackiest, weirdest, “how’d they do that?” digital collateral and activations for mammoth brands taking action to prove their promises.

Voice & Conversational Experiences

Voice is coming, and we’re on board. We’ve designed, prototyped and developed a variety of effective conversational  experiences for multiple national brands.

IoT & Mixed Media Experiences

Need a crazy tech-connected tradeshow installation or an experience that blends the physical and digital in creative and engaging ways? We’ve got the specialists to architect, develop, fabricate and electrify it into existence.

Game Design & Gamification

Our team includes game industry vets who are experts at mechanic design, system design, interactive design, game art and progression strategy for games and gamified experiences.

build the thing right

Full Stack Engineering

State of the industry software engineering practices for a variety of contemporary stacks and an obsession with excellent codebases.

Production-Ready Builds

Whether you have a nascent SaaS platform, or a large enterprise platform, our software is hardened and ready for prime time.

Security & Scale

Whether on bare-metal or in the cloud. Our solutions are designed to perform at scale in a cost optimized way. Our white-hat security team ensures that your properties, data, and transactions are tighter than an otter’s pocket.

Stunning Interfaces

Games, products, marketing websites, e-commerce platforms - we have a passion for beautiful interfaces and the elevation of design through code-craft.

Accessibility & Compliance

We design and develop to modern standards for accessibility, usability, and legal compliance. We’re hip to HIPPA and our AAA is A+.

Engineering Process Consulting

Consulting, team building, security, accessibility and PCI and compliance audits, DevOps, security protocols.

Black Ops Triage

Have impossible odds on an existing project? Production outages? Integration mayhem? You’re not sure, but you sure are worried? Breathe. We’ve got you.

Our work

The Codelab magic is just getting started. We’ve shipped a variety of work, but since we are also ninjas, sometimes we whitelabel and go undercover. We’re happy to show anything with an NDA, which we’ve conveniently linked to in context, and have included a snapshot of some of the work that brought us together in the first place.

Jump in and join our growing list of intrepid partners.


Our current partners include Fortune 500’s, a killer unicorn, the NGB for one of America’s most enthusiastic sports cultures, and multiple esteemed agencies with partners in the automotive, finance, and food service industries. Wondering if we might be a good fit? Hit us up, and let’s see what unbelievable things we can do together.

work / codelab

Our partners are growing and so is our portfolio. NDAs linked to in context for super top secret missions.

carvana collective

A digital signage platform that elevates, aggregates, and amplifies the internal culture of one of the most disruptive companies on the planet

How does an exploding unicorn capture the lightning in a bottle of the culture that drives its success? How can it amplify its culture in a way that creates a deeper sense of community around the shared mission of continuing to boldly go where noone has gone before? Especially when their team of 4,000 is distributed across 146 national markets.

We worked with Carvana’s chief creative and product officers to help them determine ways they could leverage technology to bring their distributed culture together, with an engaging and affordable solution that would be easy to deploy, distribute nationally and adopt.

This was the origin of The Carvana Collective – a custom, cloud-driven content sharing platform that allows any of Carvana’s employees to submit tagged and captioned photos, GIFs or video content using their company email address, sharing the stories and everyday moments of the whole team, instantly across hundreds of existing displays nationally. An idea that we conceived and built.

The Collective is both a cultural tool and a sophisticated signage platform. It has a robust content moderation system, allowing admins to filter and curate the flow of content, and it includes full-screen announcement functionality for all hands communications that can be given a schedule and frequency.

We built the whole platform to run on ChromeBit, a $110 magic stick that we could plug into any monitor in any location to display The Collective in real time. Aside from being super cheap, reliable and easy to fix, ChromeBits allow the fleet of screens to be managed via an enterprise ChromeOS command center.  Not bad for out of the box.

Collectively with the incredible team at Carvana, we designed the experience, system architecture, user roles and permissions, and engineered and oversaw the deployment of a successful platform at launch. As is our general preference, a cloud-first approach was taken with the systems infrastructure, running in auto-scaling Kubernetes clusters within a virtual private cloud on GCP /nerdtalk

build the right thing  

2 weeks

Experience Strategy & Design, System Architecture & Flow, User Roles

build the thing Right  

2 Months

Full Stack Engineering, ReactJS, Styled Components, NodeJS, KoaJS, Socket.io, MongoDB, Mongoose, Docker, Kubernetes Google Cloud Platform (GKE, MongoDB Cloud Atlas), Google Cloud Storage, Cloudinary, Sendgrid

USA Cycling new membership conversion funnel

A new membership onboarding and conversion experience for USA Cycling to coincide with the launch of a refreshed program that aims to double membership in 2020.

After decades of focusing on their smallest and most loyal segments, USA Cycling - the National Governing Body of cycling – is refreshing their membership model to engage more enthusiast cyclists with a new, more inclusive value proposition and program format, with the ultimate goal of doubling their membership base in 2020 by adding more families and non-racing amateurs.

As a National Governing Body that facilitates hundreds of events nationwide, issues racing licenses, keeps track of club and team affilitations, logs race results, and is responsible for the safety, legality and growth of racing as a sport and culture, USA Cycling’s memberships come with a lot of different benefits and conditions dependent on each member’s age, skill, affiliation, race history, interests and legal requirements. These are in part what led to a legacy experience that felt esoteric, slow and frustrating for most members and prospects who weren’t industry pros.

Codelab was brought in to define, design and develop an experience that could convert new and lapsed members into the new program in a way that clearly highlighted the plan options, guided each member to the right plan, and made membership configuration and transaction easy, intuitive and transparent for each user, despite myriad conditions and requirements for members of different ages, classifications and histories.

We used our combined experience in delivering effective eComm experiences to architect, design, prototype and develop the front end for an integration-ready onboarding and conversion funnel experience that solved for key challenges and opportunities on an incredibly tight timeline. We engaged in a collaborative design process with our partner using shared documentation to quickly align on requirements and conditionality, spin up interactive prototypes, and gather feedback to arrive at a final, comprehensive design spec in just over 2 weeks.  From there, we moved immediately into development and delivered the final front end build in less than 2 months.

build the right thing  

2 weeks

Requirements Definition, System Flows, Information Architecture, Experience Direction & Design, eComm Best Practices, Figma, Miro, Google Docs

build the thing Right  

2 Months

Angular 8, SCSS, Shopify APIs, CircleCI, Amazon ECS, Docker

Re-platforming of existing website, online ordering and loyalty program along with rapid feature deployment during the COVID-19 era.
✅ Curbside pickup
✅ Beer & Wine pickup
✅ Grocery boxes, bulk & pantry items
✅ Pre-ordering

Sometimes the best way to set the stage for innovation is to start with a brand new stack and very clear goals in mind. In the interest of optimizing modernmarket.com for their loyal customers, we built an all new website using a headless CMS, ReactJS and implemented a next-generation loyalty program driven by the Thanx platform.

During the course of our collaboration, the world changed with the COVID pandemic which called for immediate and rapid innovation. It was our privilege to support Modern Market Group by rapidly implementing features such as curbside pickup, beer & wine pickup, support for pre-ordering and the addition of the much beloved grocery boxes, bulk and pantry items.

build the right thing  

A la carte consulting

Checkout Experience, Conversion Optimization and Design System Optimization

build the thing Right  

9 weeks and ongoing

ReactJS, Contentful, Thanx, OLO, Sentry, CircleCI, PCI Compliance

Full stack engineering re-build and of Odell Brewing Company's website experience and e-commerce experience. Built with love for Greenstone.

Odell Brewing engaged our friends at Greenstone for strategy, UX and design of their website and approached us with a unique set of challenges for our build.

✅Completely minimize engineering budget while realizing the newly designed digital experience
✅Utilize existing Wordpress infrastructure on WP Engine to deploy an all new website with zero downtime
✅Build a custom UI and experience atop a full featured Wordpress theme
✅Custom Beer Calendar Wordpress Plugin to manage historical and seasonal product offerings
✅Custom Untapd integration and Wordpress Plugin to drive the Beer Finder
✅WooCommerce skinning

Despite the majority of the project taking place during the COVID-19 crisis. We launched early, smoothly and with zero downtime. That is how the jackalope do...

build the thing Right  

2 Months

Wordpress, WP Engine, Local, CircleCI

Full stack engineering re-build and re-platforming of a major regional financial institution’s marketing and onboarding website experience. Built with love for Greenstone.

When Elevations Credit Union tapped Greenstone for strategy, UX and design - they knew the final build needed to be insanely fast, optimized for SEO and tooled in an ideal way for enterprise QA, UAT and security teams to maintain a top-tier website with a 100% accessibility score. That's when we came in and built the thing from scratch on a cutting-edge stack, to specification with pin-point precision. Super fast, accessible, SEO optimized sites - that is how the codelab303 team do.

Check out the accessibility, performance and SEO stats our ninjaneering team accomplished on this build. That’s some pro nerdery right there.

build the thing Right  

2 Months

GatsbyJS, ReactJS, Styled Components, Contentful, AWS, Amplify, S3

Content hub experience for fact & fiction

Creative direction, experience architecture, design and front end development for a new, integrated digital content hub property for one of the largest automotive service providers in the nation. Built with love for Fact & Fiction.

We whitelabeled this project, so it is under NDA. To learn more, just sign our super fair, mutual NDA and hit us up. We’d love to share how well we can work in the shadows.

build the right thing  

6 weeks

Personas & Scenarios, Information Architecture, Experience Design,  Interactive Prototyping, Content Grooming, Business Integration Design

build the thing Right  

2 Months

Pure JavaScript, AssembleJS, SCSS, CircleCI, Heroku


work / history

A quick snapshot of the work that brought us together in the first place, done at places like CPB, Black & Red and DFUZR. We’d love to talk more about any of these projects and can confidently offer our services to define, design, and develop similar solutions for any of our partners.

Paypal local selects

cpb | PAYPAL

Technical direction and development lead on a realtime streaming commerce platform.


Dom, the domino’s ordering assistant


Technical direction, development lead, and experience consulting for Dom, the Domino’s omnichannel conversational ordering experience.

Jose cuervo National Margarita day giant iot margarita mixer


We teamed up with Jose Cuervo for a 3 hour Facebook live-stream to construct a giant Cuervo margarita. For every social mention of #margarita, #tequila, #lime or #WithCuervoTho, we added ingredients to our massive 700 gallon marg.

founded on grit

Meet our founder, Anthony Chavez, and hit us up to meet our team of seasoned Design Directors, Executive Producers, Designers and Tech Leads. We don’t all photograph this well, but rest assured we’re all this steely-eyed and cool-looking, if not nearly as tatted-up.

“I started codelab303 primarily to continue working with the best people I have ever collaborated with. The quality of our service and delivery as a result, will always be what sets Codelab303 apart.  We hope to establish and progress a new standard of excellence for the modern, tactical digital agency.”

anthony chavez
founder & principal

let’s get to work

Have a new project that needs experience definition, design, development, or all of the above? Need some advice on how to proceed through a sticky situation on an existing scope? Looking for a gig? Good ol’-fashioned shop talk? Hit us up, and a Jackalope will hit you right back.

 contact codelab303

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Thanks for reaching out. One of our least socially awkward ninja-pirate-nerds will be in touch shortly. We can’t wait to talk about ways we can make something awesome together.

In the meantime, you can get a head start on our conversation by signing our mutual NDA, which will let us share anything super top secret and relevant to your needs when we connect.

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