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Wine Cult

We redesigned and modernized the Wine Cult architecture to create a customized subscription model, built to capitalize on enthusiastic brand loyalty, capture recurring revenue and invite more traffic to Postino restaurants.

What We Did

Postino customers are insanely loyal, and to serve the ever-increasing demand for curated wines we upgraded Postino's Wine Cult subscription architecture to give people more options for how to enjoy Postino wines.


Capitalize on Postino's enthusiastic brand loyalty by updating a monthly wine subscription that invites consistent traffic into the restaurants.


Wine Cult members don't just love wine, they worship it. And will continue to come back again and again to enjoy wine collections curated for them.


Modernize the subscription architecture by integrating Stripe, Contentful and Paytronix for a best-in-class user experience.


Annual Gross Volume YOY


Winecult box next to a sandwich


An astounding increase in subscriptions and restaurant traffic beyond our wildest expectations.

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